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Faces of Palm Desert with Ron DiGrandi

Faces of Palm Desert with Ron DiGrandi

Earlier this year, we posted a blog, Why It’s Important to Support Local Businesses’.  Buying local helps improve the local economy, provides unique personalized experiences, provides jobs in the local community, decreases our community's carbon footprint and promotes competition.    As a local business, Fusion Workplaces Palm Desert supports all our local businesses. 

This month we sat down with one of our local businesses, Ron DiGrandi from www.mylocalvalley.com and PURE Community.  Ron is also a big believer in keeping it local and we learn about his business, how he got started, his passions outside of work and why he chose Fusion Workplaces Palm Desert

Tell us about your company and what you do?

We are an advanced digital marketplace directory. I am the Director of Business Partnerships --- I create strategically partnered alliances with television, real estate and the chamber of commerce businesses to form an alliance of promoting the valleys best vendors. In addition, our company secures quality vendors which we promote their services to customers who are looking specifically for them.

How did you get started in your industry?  

I was a Corporate Business Director for multiple cable television companies. I was a 30+ year cable industry employee, I can honestly say I helped create the internet. I remember specifically in meetings in the mid-1980s where we created the division of installing fiber optics as the background to drive the technology and vision of the internet. Given my digital background -- I made my partnership with PURE Community systems a natural fit. After a brief discussion with the owner/founder of PCS, we came to a quick conclusion on creating what is now known as mylocalvalley.com.

What is something about your business that most people do not know? 

We are the Coachella Valley’s premier digital marketplace directory due to the unique business partnerships that we have created that no one else has done. Our platform is powered by NBC Palm Springs and uniquely promoted through the triple alliance of NBC Palm Springs, our partnership with the Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce and the main platform of mylocalvalley.com.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I see our business in 5 years being multiplied in several states across the US by strictly adhering to our multi-alliance business model. Meaning, we will form partnerships through broadcast television, the local chamber of commerce, and realtor companies.

Tell me about yourself?

I am a native of the Coachella Valley and our family moved out here in the early 1930s. I am married with 3 wonderful sons, for the career I have always enjoyed watching businesses grow and watching companies flourish through my extensive knowledge of digital applications.

Other than work, what are you passionate about?

I have volunteered with many non-profits over the years that focus on helping the youth here in the valley. My passion is working as senior vice president of the SoCal Coyotes – Americas #1 Developmental Pro Football program. In addition to winning 6 championship titles since 2012. We are the most requested public speaking non-profit sports leadership organization in every Coachella Valley school district through our award-winning ‘Above the Line’ program. Furthermore, our program is the only organization that is requested by local Sheriff’s departments, the district attorney and Riverside County to work with their at-risk youth.

What types of activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

I enjoy golfing, bowling, mountain hiking and running.

Why did you choose Fusion Workplaces and how has working here helped your business?

Well, Fusion Workplaces Palm Desert is an awesome place to come to work too. It is clean, aesthetically pleasing, it creates a perfect work environment – and there is French Vanilla creamer for my coffee. It has helped working out of Fusions offices because we are demonstrating to our clients that we are professional and dedicated to success. It also helps with what we support, which are local vendors in the community.

You can follow www.mylocalvalley.com on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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