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Why It's Important to Support Local Businesses

Why It's Important to Support Local Businesses

If we didn’t have local businesses, the world would be a pretty empty place, filled with lowest-common-denominator big box stores and nameless, faceless, multi-national chains that sell goods made by who-knows-who from who-knows-where. While it may be nice that we’re supporting some tiny village in Thailand or China, why not focus that effort right here on the home front?

There are lots of great and quantifiable reasons to support local businesses. Here are just a few:

Improve the local economy

Studies show that when you buy from local businesses, the bulk of that money (almost 70 percent) stays in the community. Wouldn’t you rather know where your hard-earned dollars are going as opposed to handing them over to a national chain? Plus, local businesses often source their products locally. This means that by supporting a locally-owned store you will also be supporting locally made and grown items, thereby supporting the local makers, farmers, and entrepreneurs who provide them.

Access to unique, personalized experiences

Buying local means that you are supporting your neighbors – people who have a vested interest in your success, as well. Local businesses are more likely to cater to your needs and buying habits, delivering better customer service and humanizing the buying journey.

Community-minded decision making

Local businesses are much more tuned into the needs of the community than their multinational counterparts. This means that business decisions will be made based on community goals and focused on supporting people instead of just profits.

Provide jobs and a better living for local citizens

Locally owned businesses provide employment for people in their immediate surroundings. The more jobs there are, the longer people will stay and the more the community will thrive as a result. Additionally, many local businesses will often pay more in wages than a major enterprise will. Massive global companies who hire thousands and thousands of people to fill functionary positions will often pay only the minimum, while local companies place a higher value on people and will compensate them more adequately for their time and skills.

Reduce the community’s carbon footprint

Local businesses help the environment in so many ways:

  • They provide a closer alternative, often helping you avoid having to drive to get your shopping done.
  • They source products locally, reducing reliance on global transport systems (reduces pollution, traffic, impact on our oceans).
  • They promote health by providing a walkable shopping and business district – the more you walk, the less time you spend sitting!
  • Keeps more cars off local roads.
  • Puts the focus on maintaining environmental stability and sustainability.

Promote competition

The more local businesses there are, the better it is for everyone as competition helps to lower prices and provides more options for more people. It also encourages innovation as businesses strive to do better for their customers and their community.

These are just a few of the ways that supporting local helps us all. What are you doing to support your local economy? We’d love to hear your tips! Drop us a line or come by Fusion Workplaces in Palm Desert for a tour and a coffee today.

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