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Engaging Minds on Social Media

Engaging Minds on Social Media

Social media is a potent tool and one that every business owner needs in their arsenal.

Savvy modern brands are the ones that make a splash on social media. The more engagement you have, the better off you are. So what exactly is social media engagement? It’s likes, clicks, comments, retweets, tags, and shares. But not all online engagement is created equal. Sure, you want your business’ digital platforms to have lots of likes and follows. But those likes aren’t worth much without page activity. 

Where’s The Party?

Imagine, for instance, that you’re hosting a party at a local club. It’s packed - tons of people showed up. You did a great job advertising, taping up posters all over town, and running radio spots. But then the DJ starts playing… and the music sucks. Trying to hype up the crowd, the DJ shouts, “Is everyone having fun tonight?!” There’s a small smattering of applause, but no one’s dancing. Everyone just stands there shoulder to shoulder, looking bored.

It’s the worst-case scenario. You got the crowd. They should be having a great time, but they’re not participating. Where did you go wrong? 

Well, remember what we said about quality over quantity? That’s the gist behind social media engagement. Even if only a few people showed up to your club night and had the night of their lives, the word would spread. But lots of initial attention and no follow-through indicates that there’s a disconnect between outward appeal and deliverable content. Simply telling a customer to “like your page” isn’t going to cut the mustard.

So how can you get the most out of your online followership?

Engage Their Minds

Asking your followers, “how’s it going today?” isn’t necessarily the most effective way to engage. It might work every once in a while, especially when paired with a day-specific hashtag, like #TBT or #TGIF, but it definitely isn’t an all-the-time thing. You’re more likely to grab attention by asking for follower feedback by asking them what they’re thinking. 

  • Choose a topic that is timely and relevant to your field, and ask for insights and opinions

  • Make a game of it by posting a fun and easy poll

  • Pose a skill-testing question (people love to be right, especially online)

Hand Them the Microphone

Social media has made it possible for everyone to create their own content. This is a prime opportunity for your business to optimize engagement! Encourage your followers to express themselves through content creation using branded hashtags, content competitions, and reviews (a comment, a photo, or even a video).

Let’s Play a Game

Incentivize your customer base. It can be through a little friendly competition—see above— scorekeeping, as with Starbucks app stars, or promotional offers like membership discounts and free shipping. Gamification can turn even the most mundane tasks into a fun little adventure, and everyone loves being rewarded. 

Every business can become a maven of social media! If you know how to use your tools correctly, you can use basic human psychology to empower your brand through online engagement. The internet isn’t just for fun and games… it’s for fun and games and business.

How do you engage on social media? Reach out today, and let’s trade tips!

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