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Downsizing your office? Here are a few strategies that can help

Downsizing your office? Here are a few strategies that can help

If you find your office a little less populated in recent months, you’re not alone. Many businesses today are finding value in outsourcing, automation, and remote working, reducing the need for a costly office lease and all the other expenses that go with it.

But what should you do if you find yourself wandering those empty halls alone every day? Choosing a more flexible option, such as a virtual office or coworking membership is a great solution. For a low monthly fee, you can have all your professional needs met in a package that can be customized just for you.

The many advantages of a virtual office

A virtual office gives you access to all the professional office services you need without having to break the bank. For instance, if you simply need a business address, phone number, and someone to field your correspondence, you could opt for a virtual office package.

Need meeting rooms on a regular basis? You can have that added to your package or you could simply choose to book meeting rooms only when you need them.

Have a remote workforce that needs to visit home base every once in a while? A coworking package might do the trick. Coworking gives your remote workforce a place to congregate when needed and doesn’t leave you on the hook for unused desk and office space.

You won’t have to maintain any utility accounts, so no more internet or utility bills. There will be no need to maintain a fleet of computers, so you can reduce your technology spending as well as insurance costs.

And before you think you’d be giving up anything valuable, consider that the professional front-office staff is there to make you look good, answering your phone calls, scheduling your meetings, and even opening your mail if you want them to.

A virtual office just makes sense

So, now that we’ve explored some of the practical advantages of switching to a virtual office, let’s look at the numbers.

If cashflow is king, a virtual office will give you dominion over your finances. Just think about what you could do with all that extra cash:

  • You won’t have to maintain workstations, office equipment, or conventional phone systems
  • You can reduce your insurance costs
  • No more costly lease expenditures, no more rising rents
  • Reduce payroll costs for support staff like receptionists and assistants
  • On-demand services mean you only pay for what you use

You can channel all those extra funds into growing your business, into digital advertising, redesigning your website or hiring a talented freelancer to free up some of your valuable time and help you look like the industry leader that you are.

If you live and work in Palm Desert or the surrounding area and are looking for a virtual office solution, drop by Fusion Workspaces for a tour. We’d love to show you how easy it is to downsize your office and save money with a virtual office solution.

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