The importance of giving to end the year: Why we chose Full of Grace Community | Fusion Workplaces

The importance of giving to end the year: Why we chose Full of Grace Community

The importance of giving to end the year: Why we chose Full of Grace Community

As the year-end approaches, many small business owners are looking for a way to give back to their community in a charitable way. Some companies choose big charities like cancer research, others choose small community-driven initiatives that are close to their hearts. Either way, helping people in need during the holidays is always a great idea – and it’s not just about the tax breaks.

This year, Fusion Workspaces in Palm Desert has chosen Full of Grace Community (FOG), a local Catholic organization that is dedicated to feeding the homeless. They do this through fundraising efforts and grassroots events designed to raise awareness and encourage people to open their hearts and share what they can spare to help those who have so much less than the rest of us.

FOG is very active in the local community and came to our attention through one of our employees. It is a small non-profit that reports a very small annual income and we are proud to be able to count ourselves as one of their valued partners.

Every other Saturday, FOG delivers meals to hungry people in need at Sunrise Park in Palm Springs. They embody the Christian mandate of putting their faith into action, which is something we felt we could really get behind.


What charity should you choose?

Choosing a charity to support should be something unique to your team culture. If you are having a hard time deciding, get your employees together and talk about what moves them the most. Perhaps there is a general consensus around what type of charity they want to support and how they want to do it. Sometimes, donations of money can be combined with action, such as volunteering time or goods in kind.

Take some time to discover what makes your company’s heart beat and you’ll no doubt discover the answer.


Tips on choosing a worthwhile charity

With holiday gift-giving time fast approaching, retailers and criminals alike are preparing to relieve you of your hard-earned cash. While it’s easy to see the value in a charitable group, it’s always a good idea to look into their history and status before you commit anything.

There are several websites designed to help you do just that such as Charity Navigator, GiveWell, GuideStar and which is part of the Better Business Bureau.

These sites are all dedicated to helping you find worthwhile causes to contribute to and to discover more about those you are interested in.

Always give preference to charitable organizations who operate using a third or less of their annual intake.


It’s not always about money

If your business is very small, if you are a solo-preneur or if you simply don’t have the funds to donate this year, think about volunteering your time to the charity of your choice. sometimes, a lending a helping hand is just as valuable.

Plus, you may well meet other, like-minded members of your business community who are involved in the same thing. Networking happens in the most unexpected places!

Are you looking to get involved or donate to a local charity this holiday season? Reach out to Fusion Workspaces today. We would love to have you on board and help you get more involved in supporting our local community.

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