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The Way of the Future: Flexible Work in 2021

The Way of the Future: Flexible Work in 2021

Nearly a year has passed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 was a year of big changes in almost every way imaginable, from the way we worked to the way we communicated with our loved ones. Now, in 2021, we’re rounding the corner. We know how we used to do things; we’ve learned the workarounds – now it’s time to look ahead and see how work will get done in the future.

Embracing Flexibility

The lingering question that hangs over employers and employees’ heads is, what will the workplace look like in 2021? 

Well, the truth is that it might not look so different from how it looks now. The hybrid office model thrived under pandemic conditions, but it may not be so quickly consigned to the past. It turns out that many members of the workforce enjoy the flexibility offered by the hybrid office, and we will likely see that trend continue in the years to come.

Remote Work Isn’t For Everyone

Remote work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even those who enjoy (or enjoyed) remote work found the isolation became grating and difficult to manage. It’s well-documented that remote work created communication, collaboration, management, and work/life balance problems. 

In other ways, though, it offered employees a newfound sense of freedom, independence, and self-startership. Managers and CEOs gained far-reaching access to previously untapped talent pools. 

Flexibility Means Options

According to Zoe Hart, Upwork’s chief people officer, the upcoming year’s approach to office work will be two-pronged. Her prediction? Companies will continue the ongoing transition to remote-first work models while also offering employees the opportunity to work remotely even after offices reopen. Not only does this provide employees with choice and flexibility, but it also allows employers to save money that they might otherwise spend opening and maintaining office buildings.

Business As Usual? It Depends

After almost a year spent pivoting to a remote workforce model, 2021 may well continue to build on this existing infrastructure. For some, this means going back to business as usual - but what about the employees who cannot or will not go back to the office? Well, it seems that there are options for them, too. Flexible workspaces and coworking spaces are the way of the future

According to a study by Coworking Resources, the market demand for flexible workspaces/coworking offices are on the rise. Coronavirus, they say, was just a blip on the radar. As the vaccine rolls out and the world starts to reopen, we can expect to see expansion in the flexible workplace industry. Although there may be a bit of a slow start in 2021, data predicts that from 2022 onward, we may see a yearly growth rate of 21 percent.

Needs Are The Same, Preferences Have Changed

The data currently shows that remote workers are on the hunt for ‘private offices’ in flexible workspaces. Seventy-six percent of requests are for single rooms instead of a single seat in a shared common area. But the early results point confidently to one answer: as remote work becomes increasingly mainstream, the demand for flexible workspaces can only go up.

So bring on 2021, and prepare to get your flex on! And when you’re ready to get down to business, Fusion Workplaces in Palm Desert is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about what we do.

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