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Most Desirable Skills for Workers Post COVID

Most Desirable Skills for Workers Post COVID

As we continue to trudge through our current reality, it’s easy to say, “life will never be the same,” but at some point, we’re going to have to think about what comes next. Our ways of working have changed, perhaps indelibly. Hence, it stands to reason that certain skillsets will be more desirable to companies in the future.

Top Jobs In A Post-COVID World

Whether you’re anticipating a new job search, making a major career change, or thinking about what direction your studies should take, here are some of the top skills, jobs, and technologies that will rise to the fore in a post-COVID world.

Business Transformation

As companies continue to pivot from on-premise to online operations, a well-rounded understanding of business transformation goals will be valuable. Some of the positions within this segment include:

  • Data scientist. Companies of all sizes will come to rely more on their data to grow and market their business. Data science won’t be solely the realm of the enterprise but will become essential for small operations as well.
  • Web and software developer. Experience in implementing new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, is already in high demand and will continue to grow.
  • Cybersecurity professional. As more people come to depend on online transactions, the security risks compound. We’re already in a deficit situation in the cybersecurity sector as more jobs exist than talent to fill them.
  • Customer service. With more business being conducted online, exemplary customer service will separate the mediocre companies from the top-tier. Commitment, dedication, and problem-solving skills are all high-value.
  • Change management. With so much change occurring around us, it’s easy for employees to become overwhelmed. To ensure a strong company culture and mitigate mental health issues, human resources has a big job ahead. A commitment to change management will assure success and longevity.

Desirable Skills in Any Job Search Scenario

Jobs that are already strained, such as healthcare, logistics, and first responders, will continue to be in high demand. Whether your strengths might be, whether you have strong leadership qualities or are simply a hard-worker, there are certain skills you can cultivate to give you an edge over other candidates:

  • Empathy. The ability to recognize and understand what people are going through is critical in these challenging times. New ways of working have resulted in big changes for many people, many of whom aren’t well-equipped to handle it on their own. Your support and willingness to help will make all the difference.
  • Initiative. Many people will be required to work on their own. Self-directed individuals will excel where others might not.  
  • Adaptability. People who can roll with the punches are always highly desirable employees.
  • Communication. Strong communication skills are essential and will continue to be so. As many of us now work in the virtual realm, clear communication is more critical than ever.

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