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Four Tips for Creating a Viable Company Culture

Four Tips for Creating a Viable Company Culture

Your company’s culture is the bedrock upon which your mission rests, the individual parts that together are the sum of your most important assets. In the beginning stages of building your company, it’s easy to establish a culture of one—getting things done the way you want them to be done—but what happens when it becomes necessary to bring more people on board? How is it possible to maintain a winning culture when there are so many new personalities coming to the table?

Hiring, training, and development takes time and care, and you should never go into it without a solid plan because rehiring, retraining, and redevelopment will cost you. The ripple effect will be felt all the way to the bottom line unless you have a clear vision of how your culture performs.

As a leader, this is in your wheelhouse. Let’s look at some tips on how you can develop a viable culture, one that will carry your vision forward and pay dividends in return.

1. Hire well and dig deep

Don’t wait until you’re desperate and will hire anybody. Take your time with the interview process, and keep in mind that this person or these people will be carrying your message. They will be pivotal to how your company operates, so you can and should be choosy. Veer away from standard interview questions and try to discover who they are as a human being. Knowing that your new hires fit in with the vision you have for your company over the long term. Find out what they do in their spare time, and what gets them excited. How they operate in their day-to-day lives should give you an indication of what they bring to your table.

2. Listen to what’s being said

A culture of collaboration must be nurtured. Inviting the opinions and feedback of your workforce will provide insight into how others view what you do and how you do it. Allocate weekly meeting time and give your stakeholders the opportunity to discuss progress, wins, and shortcomings. When your staff feels that their opinions matter they will do more to bring solutions into play. Staff should be encouraged to share their frustrations as well as their ideas. This will break down any communication silos before they arise and help you to stay in touch with the day-to-day progress being made.

3. Celebrate wins

Individual accomplishments should be celebrated, but don’t forget to tie them back into the bigger picture. When your staff knows how much their efforts matter to the greater good, they will be motivated to do more, developing a sense of purpose that will drive them forward to the next challenge. When you reach a company milestone, bring the whole team along for the ride by hosting an after-work event, a staff lunch or dinner to show your appreciation for a job well done. Having something fun to look forward to is always a good motivator and goes a long way towards keeping morale high. Bear in mind that company culture is not based solely on what goes on during business hours.

4. Show them the way

As a leader, you are the guiding light. You set the pace, you take the lead – you must show them that you worked hard to get where you are today and that you aren’t afraid to jump in and help when the going gets tough. If you can’t or won’t do a job yourself, you shouldn’t expect another to do it for you. Provide a good example for others to follow that exhibits all the qualities you demand in your workforce: punctuality, honesty, accountability, and a tenacious work ethic are all good places to start. You should be a walking, talking example of your ideal employee. From this, a thriving, viable company culture will emerge.

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