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Top Habits of Highly Successful People

Top Habits of Highly Successful People

The world’s most successful people have rituals, habits, and routines that provide a foundation for their achievements. Some of their hallmarks are discipline, passion, and fortitude – qualities we should all aspire to as they lay the groundwork for everything in their lives.

While there are probably more top habits than we could stuff into one blog post, these are some of our favorites:


1.Stay healthy

Successful people know that their brains and their bodies just don’t work as well when they are fatigued, stressed, atrophied, malnourished, or under-hydrated. Getting enough sleep, ensuring you are eating right and getting enough exercise are good for a start, but make sure you are feeding your soul, too. Being successful shouldn’t have to mean you are foregoing the things you love, like music, sports, family, or friends. Make time for yourself, at least an hour a day, and hold yourself accountable to it.


2.Don’t wait to communicate

In today’s noisy world, the average person has a million things coming at them at once. The best way to make use of this information is to digest it immediately and move on. If you wait too long to pass along ideas to colleagues, it may never happen. When you have information that needs to be shared, share it with the appropriate people immediately and move on to the next thing. Coming back to a topic after you’ve gotten involved in something else just creates confusion.


3.Learn to prioritize

We all have a voluminous to-do list lurking about. What’s worse, it gets added to every day. Guilt racks up quickly until you get so overwhelmed you don’t get anything done at all. Here’s a different way to go: highly successful people don’t approach their to-do list from the top down or in order of creation, they tackle the high-priority items first to get them out of the way. Think of your to-do list as less of a list and more of a triaged queue. Like an emergency waiting room, the most pressing matters should always take precedence.


4.Get out of your element

Meeting after meeting, hour after hour. Whether you’re in your office or at your desk, work can become less than a joy when monotony sets in. Even if you’re working on your own, don’t discount the new energy you can get from fresh surroundings. Take your laptop to the park or check out a local coworking space. And if you’re keen to find a new perspective, leave the laptop at the office and get out there, face-to-face, with other business leaders, influencers, and experts both in and outside of your field of expertise.


5.Structure improves productivity

Having daily routine sets a framework that promotes health and productivity. Schedules are not just for work tasks, either. Starting your day with a healthy routine is important too, whether it’s meditation, exercise (or both), breakfast, walking the dog or going for a run. Once you have accomplished this, your attention can turn 100 percent to your work tasks and the day’s priorities. It’s a great way to keep your spirits high, and your attention focused on the things that matter.


Do you have any tips on how to stay focused in today’s busy business world? We’d love to hear about them! Reach out today.

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