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Tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

We’ve all got a few things we’re going to “do better” at next year. Whether it’s losing the weight, joining a gym, eating better or saving more money, we often make lofty plans for ourselves only to see it all crumble by the time Super Bowl rolls around.

The truth is, the pressure we put on ourselves to make these things happen can be damaging. The anxiety of knowing you are paying for a gym membership you never use while your holiday excess still shows can easily raise your anxiety level to unhealthy levels.

Keeping things in perspective will help you mitigate that stress. Grand, sweeping changes are likely to fail while making positive and incremental lifestyle changes are far more apt to succeed.

Here are some tips to help you keep those New Year’s resolutions:

1.Set incremental, attainable goals

Sure, you want to get to the top of the mountain. But the reality is, there are waypoints on the way up that you need to take advantage of, to check in, and to reaffirm your course. Setting one massive and overwhelming goal to launch on January 1st is just setting yourself up for failure. Instead, set incremental goals throughout the year with the intention of reaching the ultimate goal by the end.

2.Start small

For instance, if your resolution is to work out more often, start with three times a week instead of every day. That way, you’re giving yourself some leeway in terms of scheduling and you’re more likely to be able to stick to your plan.

3.The buddy system

If your resolution involves health, exercise, or anything you can do with another, like-minded person, enlist their support and you will be far more likely to succeed. Performing these activities with a friend gives you both an extra boost of accountability and a better chance of success.

4.Don’t be too hard on yourself

If life gets in the way or if you have made promises to yourself that you cannot keep, resist the urge to get down on yourself or beat yourself up for any reason. The truth is, even the best-laid plans have to account for a little detour every now and then. Cut yourself a little slack, and if you need to alter your course, don’t abandon it completely – just make the necessary changes to help you stay on track and keep on keeping on.

5.Tell people what you’re doing

Talking about your plans is a great way to put it into action. Make your intention known! Sometimes, just the simple act of saying something out loud can make it real enough to manifest. When people who care about you know what you’re doing, they will check in on your progress from time to time and keep you accountable to the process.

New Year’s resolutions are for businesses too!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution for your business? Drop us a line at Fusion Workplaces, we’d love to show you how we can help!

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