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How to keep your pets safe in the dog days of summer

How to keep your pets safe in the dog days of summer

Summertime is all about staying cool, but it’s important to remember your pet’s comfort too. In Palm Desert, we tend to take the indoor air conditioning for granted but you don’t ever want to forget your furry friends!

Dogs regulate their temperature by panting and they perspire only through their paws, but if the temperature gets too high, their systems will begin to shut down quickly.

You love your pets, so you want to always make sure they are safe and comfortable. Here are some “hot” tips to help ensure your pet stays cool and safe in the summer heat:

1.Never, ever leave your pet in a hot car

If you are going out in the heat of the day and can’t take your pet everywhere you go, think about leaving them at home where it’s safe. The ambient temperature inside your vehicle can soar more than 15 degrees in just 10 minutes and temps inside the car over 120 would not be uncommon. If this happens, your pet could easily die.

2.The ground is hotter than the air

Sensitive paws can burn on hot pavement. If you are walking your pet in the heat of the afternoon, try to stick to grassy areas or sand to avoid painful injury. Better yet, walk your dog in the early morning and evening hours when the ground is cooler and safe to walk on.


We know that we need to drink lots of water in the heat and your pet is no different. If you are driving, make sure you keep plenty of cool water with you (for both you and your pet). At home, keep the water bowls filled both inside and outside to make sure they always have access to fresh, clean water when they need it.

4.Don’t shave them

You might think that if your dog or cat has a thick coat that shaving them in the summer will help keep them cool. Your pet’s fur is a natural insulator that regulates their body temperature and protects their skin from the elements, like the desert sun. Do brush and trim their fur but keep the razor at bay!

5.Be safe around water

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can swim – although many will simply plunge into the water without much of a thought. If you are visiting a pool, going camping by the water or going to the beach with your pup, make sure they stay within arm’s length of you and if you can, suit them up with a doggie floatation device so that they always keep their heads above water.

These are just a few simple ways to keep your pets safe from the heat of the summer sun. But summer’s not all fun and games – when you must work, Fusion Workspaces in Palm Desert is here for you with affordable flexible office space to help you get more done. Drop by for a tour today!

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