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Growing Your Business During COVID

Growing Your Business During COVID

The past months have been unprecedented. As the world shuttered its windows in response to the novel coronavirus, everyone was forced to adapt and find their “new normal.” For many businesses, it was sink or swim. Some did, indeed, sink, while others held on by a thread, adapting policies, devising new strategies, and implementing structural changes from the top down.

Surviving the pandemic meant that companies had to meet the wants and needs of a market suffering from suppressed buying habits.

Fortunately, the world of business thrives on innovation, especially in times of great adversity. For many, COVID became an opportunity to try something completely new, do things differently, and think outside the box.

So how can you build on this trend and continue to grow, even as the pandemic drags on? Here are a few tips from the frontlines of work:

1. Be Proactive

Don’t wait to make changes. By the time the need becomes urgent, you should already have a safety net in place. Similarly, a business that wants to thrive will embrace agility and pivot their business model in anticipation of what’s ahead. If the storm arrives when you are unprepared, you’ll likely be swept away. If you see the clouds on the horizon, prepare accordingly, and you’ll be better equipped to ride it out. 

Obviously, no one can predict the future, but if you anticipate all of the possibilities, you can survive almost any situation. 

2. Think Long-Term

As many countries begin to ease COVID restrictions, we are starting to see brick and mortar shops, restaurants, and public facilities reopen. This is a good sign, but the pandemic is far from over. So when it comes to strategizing a pandemic contingency plan, businesses need to think beyond the immediate.

Recently, we have seen businesses adapt to tangible, urgent problems. For example, PPE needs for frontline workers caused a flurry of activity to fill this niche. This was a crucial first step for workers everywhere, and it showed the ability of providers to address immediate issues.

Businesses must consider strategies, products, and services that will still be necessary three, five, and ten years down the line. Business agility is about understanding the needs of the present and anticipating the markets of the future.

3. Identify Your Future Market

As you prepare for what’s ahead, it’s important as a business to zero in on your prospective clientele. If you have a core base of clients, think about what their needs might be and how you can adapt your services to meet those needs. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, but your business must innovate to stay relevant. If you can’t deliver what the market demands, there may not be a future. 

While COVID has been a roller coaster ride for everyone, the companies that survive will be the ones who adapt. If you need reliable support for your office functions, speak to the office professionals at Fusion today.

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