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Faces of Palm Desert with Tiffany Hart of Tiffany-Page.com

Faces of Palm Desert with Tiffany Hart of Tiffany-Page.com

When faced with a project that can’t be completed by yourself, many people look for someone to help. In those instances, we typically look to hire a professional. Have you ever thought of using a professional freelance writer to assist with your business needs? This is where businesses such as Tiffany-Page.com can help! We recently had the chance to speak with Tiffany Hart of Tiffany-Page.com to learn more about her personally as well as her freelance writing businesses.

Tell us about your company and what you do?

Tiffany-Page.com is a freelance writing business. Growing companies and non-profit organizations hire me to write web content, print copy, and grant presentations for them. Recently, it has expanded into political action campaign writing, too, with press releases, political letters, and media kits.

How did you get started in your industry?

After majoring in English/Creative Writing and International Studies in college, I worked for a non-profit delivering medical missions to developing nations. I worked my way up to an Executive Admin position by creating a newsletter fundraiser which produced a consistent ROI of 30%. I also wrote two new brochures for re-branding campaigns and did the content for the website. 

Soon after that, my husband and I started our family and I had to take the requisite motherhood break. Well, one follows another fairly quickly. Four children later, I am finally ready to re-join the workforce now that my youngest is 2. 

I needed a way to work from home with my children and set my own schedule around theirs. Freelance writing seemed a great fit with my background and work experience, and a great way to contribute something both valuable and meaningful to the world at large.

What is something about your business that most people do not know?

It might seem easy - and it is - if you love it! Also, flexibility is key. You gotta be fast, and you gotta be flexible. If somebody out there wanted to be a copywriter, I'd say take a typing class, because if you can't type at least 73 wpm, you'll never finish your drafts in time, and it can really limit the levels of production you'll be capable of. A potential client might be interested in an industry secret: Most freelancers’ rates are negotiable. Tell us your budget and we’ll do our best to offer you packages that can work within it.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

The long-term plans include:

  1. Officially launching under the new name.
  2. Partnering with other successful writing and advertising agencies to expand all of our business opportunities
  3. Developing an app so businesses and organizations can access my services whenever they need projects written up quickly.
  4. Attaining global domination of the writing world by creating education programs for ad writers which sets as high a bar in the industry as the University of Iowa's MFA in Creative Writing sets for poets and novelists. American Writers & Artists Copywriting Courses would provide a similar business model (AWAI).
  5. Potentially taking my business public or finding other ways to finance some fantastic family vacations, or get a dog, or sign my kids up for soccer and horseback riding.
Tell us about yourself?

Raising four children with my beloved husband is too much for me. Starting a business seems easy in comparison. It's the only hiding place my kids can't toddle into, screaming, or hitting each other. 

Other than work, what are you passionate about?

Appreciating my family. Definitely most passionate about them. My husband is handsome and takes me to Mastro's on El Paseo for our anniversary, so that helps. 

Plus, he really steps up to help the household so I can focus more on work. It makes the fact that I'm looking at anything except our kids hurt less because I know he treasures this special time with them as much as I do, and they him.

We like hiking, theater, music, monster truck rallies, horseback riding, soccer, gymnastics, car races, hockey, and baseball. We happen to be Christian, so we're also involved with church. I volunteer in the infant/toddler room and with a kids' Bible club a few times per month. 

Personally, I love, love, love reading (still, after all these years). I have found authors to be most helpful and inspiring, and I am fascinated by the changes we are seeing to the publishing and online content worlds lately. Seeing product delivery systems morph and emerge is a breathtaking tribute to the power of imagination itself. 

What types of activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Swimming with my kids. Our pool has been a Godsend for lockdown and gives us something to look forward to each day after our work is done. We also enjoy, roller coasters, going to the beach, yoga, dancing, playing lacrosse, and playing tennis.

Why did you choose Fusion Workplaces and how has working here helped your business?

I love doing my work there because even though I started Tiffany-Page.com as an opportunity to work from home while with my family, a full household can be so distracting. I have ADHD, so focusing on just one thing at a time can be a difficult task for me, but it comes easily at Fusion Workplaces. While there, I can complete projects in 1 - 2 days that would have taken a full week to get done at home among the pandemic-homeschoolers, and laundry piles. I feel very grateful to have found such a cool workspace. 

Another thing I like about it is, in real estate, they'd call an office like this "toothbrush ready". You don't have to waste time or money decorating or organizing. You can move in and get to work fast. 

The increase in productivity for me means an increase in the number of clients or the size and scope of projects I can take on, which ultimately affects my bottom line in positive ways. 

In fact, just by coming in a few hours per week, I was able to take on two much bigger projects for a client and complete them with editing under deadline. At home, that would have been a monumental task. It allowed me to expand my business offerings to include political action and political marketing campaigns. It's easy to get "in the zone" at Fusion Workplaces and power through a long workday, allowing me to more fully enjoy my time at home without the stress of feeling torn between my family's urgent needs, and my business's important ones. This way, I can be more present with my family and more focused at work. That's a win-win-win if you ask me.

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