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Faces of Palm Desert with Steven Sailsbury of Modern Organics

Faces of Palm Desert with Steven Sailsbury of Modern Organics

Fusion Workplaces is lucky enough to surround ourselves and our community with an amazing group of members! Each month we are excited to interview one of those people so that everyone has a chance to learn more about those within our community. This month we were able to speak with Steven Sailsbury of Modern Organics. We hope you enjoy learning about Steven and his business as much as we have!

What type of products does Modern Organics Create?

Steven is hard at work creating products like CBD Sports Cream, CBD Salve (richest form), Soft gels, Tranquility Mint Tincture – CBD Oil, and premium CBD Oil for Pets. “There is a huge emerging market of people who need the benefits of the cannabis plant and don’t want that psychoactive part of it,” Steven says, “All of our products are made in America from USA Hemp, they are non-GMO, and contain 0% THC.”

What is your mission?

Our mission is to provide a high-quality, effective, and reliable family of premium CBD products with customer care to match. We created a QR code on the label itself, linking to third-party testing lab reports so you know exactly what organic products you are getting, what the ingredients are, and how it is produced.

How did you get started in your industry?

I have been working with cannabis oil since 2008. I went back to school to study health and nutrition because I wanted to heal myself through what I was learning in my classes. What I learned is no one thing cured me - It was a process of changing my diet and enhancing my supplements…

What is your most popular product to date?

The best tasting oil on our website is the Tranquility Mint - we put organic peppermint oil in the product – we DO NOT put any flavorings in any of our products. Our base is made from organic extra virgin olive oil. It has natural good fats. A good binding oil. No weird taste (no grassy or bitter taste).

Also, it is bioavailable – so your body absorbs it a lot better.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We are in the process of expanding the immunity line.

But also, holistic health coaching is on the rise. I want to set up the best products for my clients. We are working with the best laboratories in the country, so we can ensure the quality of the product will be modern and organic.

Some advice from Steven:

Do not be attracted by the label. Start with a multi-vitamin. Be careful what you buy online. Read the testimonials because that’s really the only proof out there about how much this helps people. Use this as a dietary supplement. Check out their website and save 15% on your first order!

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