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Faces of Palm Desert with Erma Trent of Sillers Institute

Faces of Palm Desert with Erma Trent of Sillers Institute

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics report in 2018, there are over 260 million children and youth around the world who are withheld from accessing education.  Access to education is also a problem in California.  One thing that can help bridge this gap is partnering with local government and business owners. 

This month we sat down with Erma Trent of Sillers Institute to discuss access to education, how she got started in education, what she is passionate about and why she chose Fusion Workplaces Palm Desert. 

Tell us about your company and what you do?

Sillers Institute is a community needs-based technical vocational training school. Our focus is to deliver comprehensive programs that address skill gaps, economic barriers, justice system involvement, and mental and physical health concerns. 

Our objective at Sillers Institute is to assess the needs of each student to strategically formulate a success plan for helping them achieve learning, employment, and life-work balance. Our aim is to ensure that each client receives a quality education, equal opportunity, and duty of care thus increasing the potential for achieving their goals.

How did you get started in your industry?

Academia runs in my family if one can presume such a thing be possible. My father, aunt, and sister are all educators. My mother even worked in academia before entering the legal field.

What is something about your business that most people do not know?

Sillers Institute is rooted in the fundamental principles of philanthropy, corporate responsibility, and ethical practices. We understand that partnerships with local, government and business owners are where beneficial change occurs; and this is why Sillers Institute continually reaches out to form lasting relationships that complement our mission and vision to deliver quality services that positively impact communities.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Sillers Institute‚Äôs five-year goal is to be a leader in private programs that facilitate successful reentry into society for justice-involved individuals; significantly reducing rates of recidivism.  We would also like to be the frontrunner in providing comprehensive programs that enable low-income individuals to obtain and retain positions in competitive fields.

Tell me about yourself?

I hold a Bachelor of Science in technical management and a Master of Science in information systems management. I have over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors. My goal is to bring together people who are passionate about creating innovative solutions that address impending issues impacting communities across the country.

Other than work, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about live theater of all genres. The McCallum Theater never disappoints when producing exceptional performing arts performances. I believe the arts speak to the human spirit in a way that is awe-inspiring and unites us on a transcendent level.

What types of activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy physical fitness, checking out the latest nutrition craze, and researching ways to improve my mental and spiritual well-being.

Why did you choose Fusion Workplaces and how has working here helped your business?

I chose Fusion Workspaces because it caters to the start-up community. It has the perfect price point and is centrally located in an aesthetically appealing business complex. Fusion also provides business services essential to presenting as a professional company at digestible prices. Since becoming a member of Fusion Workplaces, my business has reached each one of its milestones with a high level of success.

To learn more about Sillers Institute, please contact them through their website.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

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