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Faces of Palm Desert with Atandra Burman, CEO of RCE

Each month at Fusion Workplaces we have the pleasure of highlighting one of our valued members. This month we are featuring Atandra Burman, CEO of RCE.

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Big Trends for Small Business in 2022

Small business owners will need to keep an open mind and examine the new trends in motion even now, as we see the end of the current year fast approaching.

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Faces of Palm Desert with Amy Montague, Ph.D

At Fusion Workplaces, we love getting to know more about our members. This month we are introducing our valued member Amy Montague, Ph.D. Continue reading to find out all about Dr.

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Top Benefits of a Virtual Office

Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or home-based start-up, your business can benefit from the added

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Faces of Palm Desert with Artak Abrahamyan of MITM Business Consultants

At Fusion Workplaces we take pride in fostering personal relationships with each and every one of our members. This month we are highlighting Art Abrahamyan of MITM Business Consultants.

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Hiring and Retaining Top Talent is the New Normal

Today’s companies face the challenge of keeping their staff loyal and long-term, especially since the covid pandemic, during which attitudes about work structure have experienced a shift.

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Faces of Palm Desert with Erma Trent of Sillers Institute

Each month at Fusion Workplaces Palm Desert we have the opportunity to highlight one of our amazing members. This month we are highlighting Erma Trent, owner of Sillers Institute. We hope

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Why You Should Start Utilizing Social Media Marketing Today

Every entrepreneur knows that marketing is part and parcel of running a business. But if you’re not utilizing social media marketing, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

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Faces of Palm Desert with Ian Symmonds of Ian Symmonds & Associates, Inc.

At Fusion Workplaces, we take pride in getting to know each of our members on a level that dives deeper than the surface.

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