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Why Entrepreneurs Should Listen to Podcasts

Over the past fifteen years, podcasts have completely changed the way we consume media.

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California Small Businesses and the Coronavirus: Resources You Need Now

With so much uncertainty in the time of COVID-19, business owners and operators are looking to the future to see what can be done about sustaining their business.

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The Many Benefits of In-Person Business Meetings

In the age of digital communication, we often discount the value of in-person, face-to-face meetings.

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Tips for Setting Professional Goals for 2020

As the new decade comes into our sights, our thoughts inevitably turn to the coming year. What worked? What will you do differently? These tips will support you in reaching your goals in 2020.

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Seven Signs Your Body is Overheating

In Palm Desert, temperatures typically reach over 110˚ in the summertime. While staying cool all the time might be a challenge, staying safe should be a priority.

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Five Ways That Online Reviews Can Help Your Business

Online reviews have become one of the most important methods people use in determining who’s going to get their business.

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Why It's Important to Support Local Businesses

If we didn’t have local businesses, the world would be a pretty empty place, filled with lowest-common-denominator big box stores and nameless, faceless, multi-national chains that sell goods made

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3 Tips to Guarantee More Productive Meetings

Meetings can be great – if they can accomplish your objectives.


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Top Habits of Highly Successful People

The world’s most successful people have rituals, habits, and routines that provide a fou

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