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Big Trends for Small Business in 2022

Big Trends for Small Business in 2022

Small business owners will need to keep an open mind and examine the new trends in motion even now, as we see the end of the current year fast approaching. Despite language to the contrary, the COVID-19 pandemic is alive and well. While there is a general feeling of positivity for 2022, small business owners likely won’t see a return to the “good old” pre-pandemic days.

And that’s probably okay.

Small Business Trends for 2022

Here are a few trends to embrace that will influence business success in the year ahead. 

1.     Networking

According to Forbes, networking is the biggest trend of 2022, providing opportunities for exponential growth through referrals and recommendations. It also allows for shared insight into market trends, perspectives, and the ability to learn from shared experiences. Small business owners can network with others through a coworking office space, service groups, suppliers, business contacts, and customers.

2.     Recruitment and Hybrid Solutions

It has become harder to recruit workers to a permanent office without offering creative incentives, such as mentoring opportunities. People, especially the younger generations, have become more choosey about where and how they want to work. Trends indicate that many employees want more flexible work schedules and the option to work remotely, at least part of the time. Since many relate their increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and improved work-life balance, this can work very well for both employers and employees within a small business.

3.     Closer Connection to Employees 

The past couple of years has been an emotional rollercoaster for most employees. Being perceptive regarding their emotional triggers and stressors and empathetic about their needs and concerns in and away from the workplace is more important than ever and will help establish a more normalized workplace routine.

Many people are now placing the importance of family first and reassessing what matters to them most in life. Employers will need to adopt new management systems that respect employee values.

4.     Hiring Freelance Workers

Hiring permanent full-time employees may not be in the cards these days. There is a growing wave of freelance professionals-for-hire to fulfill temporary requirements. Freelancers, also known as gig workers, numbered over 59 million people in the United States alone for 2021, and this trend will continue into the new year as COVID-19 remains a threat. It is also more cost-effective to rent temporary office space for freelance workers.

5.     New Marketing Trends

Marketing since the pandemic has also undergone some significant changes. With a marked increase in online shopping and the lack of face-to-face consultation, small businesses must step up their marketing strategies to include the new trends in online video marketing and social media.

Video demonstrates a product’s virtues in a visually attractive way. Social media has taken giant leaps forward, and small business owners need to be up to date in maintaining their presence online to capture the web surfer and customer.

6.     Make it Easy to Reach You

Small business owners will need to remain visible to their customers by providing several means of contact that won’t cost their customers time and money. Examples include website chat assistants, direct email, and a toll-free phone number with voice automation. Even better, a professional assistant for answering calls. Virtual offices can provide many of these benefits.

2022 promises new opportunities and growth for small businesses if they stay current by taking note of the latest business trends that will help to guide them through the new year and its challenges.

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